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Tribulation Saints

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Book #6
Tribulation Saints
Now Available

The novel begins in the year 2029, following the devastating aftermath of a horrific earthquake in which part of the Global Missions Team have perished. Survival is foremost in the minds of young Mark Hillag and Nikki Savage, teens left orphaned when their parents disappeared in the Rapture. The remaining members of the Missions Team desperately try to band together, yet find themselves haunted by internal struggles, as they hide and flee. Mark is constantly a moving target keeping out of the cross hairs of Stoner, the evil Enlightened One who hunts him relentlessly. A growing threat is also presented by vicious agents of the world-dominating anti-Christ.

One after another disaster falls upon Earth, where there is no peace and no safe havens for those who refuse the mark of the merciless Dictator. Follow this band of believers as the Global Missions Team makes its final stand.

Tribulation Saints is the sixth book in this compelling and dynamic "Strangers and Pilgrims" Series. It is a powerful sequel to the fifth book, Tribulation's Seven Seals.

Book Genre: Fiction/ Action & Adventure. Christian Futuristic/Prophecy. Romance.

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