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Reviews from some of our faithful readers

! Last night I finished reading The Last of the Wagon Pioneers of the Strangers and Pilgrims Series. What a nice book! I enjoyed it so very much. I'm going to start book two, A PLace for Farmer and Emile tonight. You both are such good writers and I am looking forward to reading more of your wonderful books. AM CA.

This is an awesome treasure of books. When I read them I was on that journey with you. These are divine inspired books and so deserve recognition and marketing for others to find and read also. DW - Ark.

WOW! God is moving through this book. RW - FL.

Phenomenal! This entire series, books 1 through 7 is a page turner. Follow this family through generations, through struggle and triumphs, fears and failures, victories and defeats and battles, and scars, and happiness and romance and demonic warfare... With Christ at the center and Faith fueling the journey, you will be stirred deeply... and you will be saying to everybody as I do,"Hey, have you read these books yet?" MH - Ill.

God is moving through you and the words of your books. JA - TX.

I had barely started Janie some time back but realized that I needed to go back because my memory was so fuzzy on the 2nd book, "A Place for Farmer and Emily". I ended up going back and reading that whole book again and it was like reading it for the first time.
I finished yesterday afternoon and just had to get back into Janie. I started at the first and could barely put it down to get some sleep
last night and have just finished "Janie" I have never been so touched by a series of books. Parts that were so special to me in A Place for Farmer and Emily were scenes that depicted when war broke out, I was born in Feb of 1943 and looking back stirred so many memories
of a time that my mom's brother was MIA in the Philippines and later declared dead. How many of my uncles fought in Germany, all returned but some never to be the same.The trek to California because my dad thought he could make a better life for us there in the early 50's around Fresno and in fact at one time right on highway 99 where we owned a gas station and grocery store only to return to Oklahoma after he was injured in a auto accident that nearly wiped us out financially.
It was so well written I rode along on the wagon with the Trevor family and felt I was there and lived every moment with them in Oregon. I cried when Farmer was killed and rejoiced with him in Paradise! My heart broke for Janie and could see where the next book was headed.
In "Janie" I wept so many times and saw my family or parts of it so many times in her life. I have never wept so much as I did many times in that book. I could not lay it down until it was finished today and I am off to read "Caught Up" Will probably be burning midnight oil tonight
I had planned to wait and read Caught Up when I could get it on Kindle but just couldn't wait.

John and Patty: Your books are sheer genius! They are so well thought out and written they could almost be called true because all of these times did exist and all of these things I'm sure happened to many families in the times that you wrote about. There is so much that anyone from any of those times could relate to except to the time when we pass from this life to the next and we can't know for sure because it hasn't happened yet to us but brings a yearning for that time that is coming. We do have somewhat a picture of it though because of His word and what it reveals to us!
I could go on but I really want to get into Caught UP, now, right Just had to write to you my heart so far.
Please don't ever quit writing, it is only one of your gifts but a very needed one! I can't wait for Katie to read Janie. They got home late yesterday eve and she was excited to see the packages from what I hear.
Will shut up but you will be hearing from me when I finish Caught Up.
Love you guys!
In Christ Whom all blessing flow

Wanted to let you know I read A Place for Farmer & Emile. I couldn't put it down. The story hit points very memorable. I recall those war and ration times. The book was a very spiritually uplifting and loving story. GC Ore.

.Read The Last of the Wagon Pioneers today. He has guts. So many parts I could identify with. NF LA.

Caught Up was consumed within 24 hours. RW GA.

I have Caught Up, but in order to read it I had to get catch up by reading Janee. I could not put it down except for necessities. I am reading Caught Up now. MD CA.

I am emailing to tell you how much I love Janee. I have passed the book to many of my friends and they said it was a blessing. One of them has read it three times. The story made me cry through the whole thing. I couldn't stop reading it. I am starting to read The Last of the Wagon Pioneers to catch me up on everything I missed. I have a copy of Caught Up. CS LA.

Please don't ever stop writing! There are too few authors whose books you start and just can't set down.I read Caught Up as soon as I got it. I really liked it. A lot to think about... I wonder how much I really do for Jesus. I'm sure I could do lots more. Keep up the good writing!!! LB AZ.

I really enjoyed all of your books! I do a ton of reading, but your writing is truly special. Caught Up is fantastic. Thank God for your skillful, anointed, creative, sanctified and wild imaginations. I know there are movies in these books! The storylines are begging for a screen. ML Il

I took Caught Up to read during breaks. I had to explain to my co workers why I was crying so much. It really has made me look at the life I have lived and where I am going. J CA.

I was so moved and touched when Sarah.....(We won't give the story away) This is a book even non Christians can read and be blessed. RW CA.

Your books are awesome and impacting! Anyone who hasn't read the books you've written are missing something wonderful! EF LA.

People are hearing about Janee (Book #3) who haven't read the first two, (The Last of the Wagon Pioneers and A Place for Farmer & Emile) and are buying all three to read in sequence. This is great news as God is causing a ground swell of interest in The Strangers and Pilgrims Series.

Janee was truly awesome, as were the first two books. Makes me extremely homesick for heaven. RW GA.

There are some excellent, even amazing movies based on books by Christian authors out there-- but sometimes it's hard to pick out the "Christian-ness" in the finished product...if you know what I mean. There is NO mistaking the gospel message in your books. And it is presented in such a loving way -- just what our hurting world needs right now. I know it blessed me. JS AZ.

I just finished reading "Janee" this week. I read it in one sitting! I am loving this series and can't wait for the next book. RC AZ

I love your books!!! And ...I agree with Missy - they are best read in order! I will be passing them on to the rest of my family...and await your 4th book!!! DA WA

I read is the best yet! I did have a problem reading it however....I CAN'T READ IT WITHOUT THINKING OF A SCREEN PLAY....What a miniseries this is going to make...Again, all I can say is WOW... DR Ca.

I just started reading Janee,and am about halfway through, just finished an exciting part. Guess I won't get much done now until I finish. You books are really well written, I'm always looking forward to the next chapter, hard to put down. BD Ore.

I read your first book, The Last of the Wagon Pioneers. I felt like I was on a trip and in their lives. It really pulled me along, and I love the characters. They came to life as soon as I began reading the first page. RW Ca.

I am enjoying reading the first of your two books. I like the subject and find it very captivating and easy to pick up even for a chapter or two at a time. PD Ca.

I just read Janee! What a wonderful book! I have to admit I wasn't too sure in the beginning, but when Janee..( Omitted so as not to spoil the surprise ending.) Talk about evangelism!! WOW! Thanks again for this wonderful series!! DA Wa.

Hi John & Patty, I just wanted you to know that I so enjoyed The Last of the Wagon Pioneers. I just didn't want to stop reading. I became a part of their family. I've been across the country, at least from Texas on a Wagon with Pioneers that have become real people to me. I will always compare myself and others to Farmer and Emily. You made them so alive and so real and so wonderful to be with. They were truly God fearing people who love Jesus. The Last of the Wagon Pioneers was so warm and comfortable and yet so emotionally draining and filled with joy and love. The adventure was as if I was with them. I went over every bump and snag, felt myself hanging over the cliff. You brought them alive to me and I will always feel like they are real people in my life. Jo Ann hasn't read the books yet and I want to talk with her about them as if it really happened. A place for Farmer and Emile was much more emotional to me both in sad and also joyful times. I cried many times but I didn't stop reading. I couldn't. I didn't read them in one sitting because I'm not a fast reader. I read every chance I got. The emotions I experienced were from saddness and joy and longing to be with Jesus the Master. After the second book I was apprehensive about starting Janee because my friends Farmer and Emily were gone to Paradise that you decribed wonderfully. Janee grabbed hold of me as I knew it would and took a totally different direction. I had to get to know Janee and that was tough because she was so angry. What a wonderful and often frightening and even repulsive story at times. They were all wonderful and now I'm waiting for book # 4. They can have their MTV, I want my book # 4. You have done a wonderful job with these stories. You are definitly working in the correct gifts from God. He knows how to pick em. You also brought Jesus alive and painted an interesting portrait of Paradise. These were real people who so loved Jesus and were every day evangelists with such a natural flare. Every one should read these stories especially if they are Christians. Thank you guy! Now where is # 4!!! Your friend and fan. Ron.

Your second book sure took a turn, and at first I didn't know-but the more I read the better it got and touched my spirit so.  JL. AZ.

I enjoyed the second book "A Place for Farmer and Emile" so much.  When it got to the end about Farmer going to heaven, it was so hard to read due to the tears.  I had a dream a few years ago about heaven and it was almost identical to how you describe it in the book.
  JH. LA.

I have placed a set of your books in each of my district's middle school libraries and one set in our public library-and I have a set and will treat myself to reading them.  Barbara NY

I must confess we have been so blessed and impressed by the reading of both your books. What a beautiful gift!! It ministered so intensely to our heart and spirit. I had to read out loud so my Husband could follow along and want to thank you from the bottom of my heart as I had the joy of seeing him smile, laugh and cry more than I can remember in a very long time. Thank you isn't enough sentiment to tell you how our hearts were drawn together as we traveled along with Farmer & Emile. Can't hardly wait for # 3. LB,Ca.

I just finished A Place for Farmer & Emile. I've been reading it during my lunch hour everyday and it helps to get my mind off the office. Today I was eating at Longhorn's, I was nearing the last chapters- (Next part omitted because it gives away the ending.) The emotion I felt was overwhelming and I started crying and had to it down lest they throw me out of the restaurant. Wow what a powerful book! I saw so much of God's power in the whole thing; years ago God laid on my heart about living with a gentle and quiet spirit and the story reaffirmed that to me again. Praise God for writers that send such a powerful message to the urgency of speaking to the lost. I can hardly wait to read the next one!!!! God bless and keep that pen going. TH, Ga.

Finished A Place for Farmer & Emile. A surprising and moving finish! Looking forward to book 3. HM, Ca.

Praise the Lord! I finished book 2 today and wanted to let you know that I have so enjoyed both books!!! They touched my heart. Thank you! DA, Wa.

OK, your ending of A Place for Farmer & Emile, totally threw me! Now I can't figure where you will go with the third Book. HC, Ca.

Thank you so much for writing such wonderful books. As a 4th grade teacher in a small Christian School. I'm always looking for new books. This year while visiting my CPA, he told me about your books and let me borrow one to read. I also asked one of my students who loves to read to give me her impressions of the story. As you can tell from the note she loved it too. TH, Ca.

My name is Maryssa. I am in the fourth grade. I loved your first book The Last of the Wagon Pioneers. It was adventurous and lots of fun. Will Walter be impressed with Leah? I think that Dusty, Sunset and Wind will be very hard workers again. Emile and Farmer will have their hands full with Walter, Clifton and Leah! MC, Ca.

Just a note to tell you that I requested your Book at our local library in Dallas and after a short time, I was notified that it was available. I really enjoyed reading it! It was inspirational and so true to life, showing endurance, patience, faith and love. I am looking forward to reading the next in the series. Thank you again. Phyllis

Got your book yesterday and began reading it. It is good & getting better! HV Malin, Ore.

I really enjoyed the first book. I read the whole thing while we were on vacation. You're great writers. Flowed so smoothly! JR Hollywood, CA

I found The Last of the Wagon Pioneers to be such a beautiful and heartfelt book. We all have dreams, and we all struggle with those dreams. If the passion is present in life to fulfill those dreams, they will come true. There were many life experiences in this book that I believe we can all relate to, even in the present moment. If you want to read a great story, this is a real "feel good" book and stays that way to the end. Can't wait for Book #2 to come out and see what the future holds for Farmer and Emile.
R&K, Wa.

I've just completed your book and was drawn into the adventure as I traveled along with them on their journey. The inspiration of them depending on and seeking the Lord would be something my kids would surely enjoy. I am sending a check to order a copy of book 1 to be sent to them, and I am pre-paying for a copy of book 2 as soon as it comes out!
Gene & Marilyn, Porterville, Ca.

I have a favor to ask. Could you sign one of your books for a girl named Brooke? She has had difficult years and been exposed to many things. She heard about your book and so wants to read it.
Elizabeth F. Monroe, La.

My mother and I both just received copies of your book. We can't wait to read it.
Rene, Glendale, Az.

My mother and dad want a copy of your book. I am enclosing a check and address.
Bev. San Pedro, Ca.

Thank you for the gift of your book to our Indian School. Our
High School students were lined up to check it out. St.Labre, Mont.

Men are asking to read your book. Would you please send us some copies.
Prison Library-Ed, Texas.

I took your cards, which you sent, to two Christian Bookstores and asked them to order copies-and have you come for a book signing. (Smile)
Connie, Ga.

I went to Christian Bookstores in my area to order a copy of your book for my family, and several copies to give away. I asked them to stock your book. I am also contacting the manager I know in a store in Louisville Ky,
John J.- Baton Rouge, La.

Thank you for your kindness in sending me a copy of your book, The Last of the wagon Pioneers. I am mailing a love offering to Media Focus

I finished the book and was in tears when I read the last chapter. It was
I gave one book to my counselor because I know after she reads it, she
will pass it on to someone who needs a heart change. The second book I
gave to my friend Joe. He is starting to write children's books and
loves the Lord. He is going to pass it on to Darlene. She is a writer and
has some connections. Darlene comes to the NBC bible study.

Love you and Patty much. You're are the greatest...

My girlfriend and I really enjoyed your book. We are looking forward to
your next edition. I checked the bookstore my last trip to town, but no
new story. Your characters seem like old friends in just a little while.
We can't wait to find out the next adventure. RL-Oxbow, Ore.

We finally got hold of your book. I thought it was well written and could
be enjoyed by a lot of various age groups.
And I'm looking forward to the next one to come out.
Henry and Bettie, Montclair, Ca

I received a copy of your book late afternoon yesterday and put
everything aside to read it. I finished about 2/3's of it yesterday and
the rest this morning. You both should be so proud of yourselves! You did
a wonderful job! Writing is a gutsy thing to do and I applaud you on your
accomplishment. I look forward to learning about what comes next in the
adventures of the Trevor family. I hope they make this into a
RD San Diego, Ca

I give books I read two chapters before I go on or dump it. I stayed up
all night reading yours. I think it is the best story I have ever read.
JM Hines, Ore.

Your book is wonderful. Thank you for the letter in the front.
BF La.

We have a copy of your book, The Last of the Wagon Pioneers. We are asking
for two more copies to place in our library. We have a lot of people who
come in off the streets and like to read.
Oasis, Hollywood.

I pride myself on being able to figure out a plot ending. I never saw this one coming in your book, A Place for Farmer & Emile. Ca.

Your book has really made me look at my own life in many ways. My marriage, how I treat other people, and I think it has made me a better person in both. I am more conscious of how even incidental events with others can have eternal significance. W. Ca.

My daughter was in the hospital, and I kept thinking that she might not make it. I thought about your "word pictures" of Heaven from your book, and I could picture Jesus and our family members being there to greet her. It gave me great comfort! Happier though that she came through with flying colors! P. Ca.

I was finally able to finish A Place for Farmer & Emile last week. WOW! Talk about a twist at the end! R. Ca.

I read your book through the night. I was so tired but refused to put it down, and when I would drift off to sleep, I dreamed about the story. In fact I've had dreams about it for several days! I can't stop thinking about it. M. Ca.

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