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Millennial Kingdom

Book #7
Millennial Kingdom

What is your idea of the Millennium? Who will be there? Will there be wars? Will there be death? Do we work? Will we have families as we now know them? What will we be doing?

The Bible says very little about the thousand year reign of Jesus Christ, except that it is a perfect world until Satan attempts to destroy it at the end.

This series will expand your thinking about the Millennial Kingdom. Follow the characters from the first six books into this action packed adventure that will generate laughter, tears, and an emotional connection right up to the intense dynamic conclusion of the Great White Throne Judgement.

Millennial Kingdom is the 7th and final book in this compelling and epic "Strangers and Pilgrims" series.

Book Genre: Fiction/ Action & Adventure. Christian Futuristic/Prophecy. Romance.

Book #7 Millennial Kingdom is available to order online from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or from your favorite Bookstore. It is also available on eReader outlets: Kindle, Nook, I Bookstore, Sony, Kobo, Baker & Taylor, Copia, Gardner's, e Book Pie, eSentral, and Scribd.

Copies signed by the Authors also available for purchase through this website.

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